Francis Petty

    • Francis Petty
      • Country: Argentina
      • Region: América Latina
      • Cargo: Fundador y CEO
      • Empresa: GroovinAds

    CEO and Co-Founder at GroovinAds, a company that offers intelligent solutions for online display advertising providing advertisers with dynamic ads that boost their results by leveraging data and targeting techniques. I’m also Director at CACE (Argentine Chamber of E-Commerce) and an online marketing advisor and consultant.

    I’ve been involved in some of the main online companies in Latin-America such as (2000-2007) where I served as E-Marketing Director and (2007-2010) where I served as Research & Development Manager. I was responsible for E-marketing strategies that drove traffic and maximized conversions for all of the company´s online ventures including content sites such as,,, and transactional sites as,, and among others.

    I have a broad experience in all aspects of the online business such as: search engine optimization, search engine marketing, display advertising, affiliate marketing, performance-based campaigns, user experience, conversions and web development.

    I started working in the internet industry in 1997 and have been working on the Latin American market since the year 2000.

    SEO pioneer in latin america, E-Marketing teacher at EDDE and UB/Prince&Cooke. Speaker at IIT, SES Latino, LaRedInnova and AdTech.

    Especialidades:SEO Search Engine Optimization, Pay-Per-Click campaigns, SEM Search Engine Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Online Traffic Analysis, Conversion Boosting, Display advertising



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