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Why we built WizEngage?

What we noticed

Often during an event, there is disconnect between the event’s host, its audience and its sponsor brands due to lack of direct engagement. As a result, valuable ideas, thoughts, sentiments and feedback as expressed by the audience via social channels are lost presently.

What we thought

What if there was some way of listening to what the audience has to say about the event or the brand in real time and then use this to create a positive impact for the event & its sponsor brands?

What we did

That’s when we decided to build WizEngage – that helps event organizers & event sponsors to carefully listen to their audience and boost real time engagement with them by leveraging social conversations generated at the event.

Increased engagement with the audience helps the event organizers and the sponsor brands to monetize this social content through branding and advertising; resulting in increased outreach of their brand.


To make events more meaningful for all its stakeholders without changing existing behavior.


To build products & offer services which make interactions at all touch points between brands & its customers relevant without any friction.


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